At Blue Pisces Consulting, we believe that building and implementing a successful strategy is only possible when you have the right culture, the right people and the right focus.  Our vision is to help you transform your business into a strategic, efficient and capable organization.  We believe our unique approach can help you excel and will get your team operating at their optimal performance.  And most importantly, we believe we can help you create a culture that will sustain that successful pace.

Our Core Services

DevOps Staffing

and Managed Services

We speak DevOps and can filter candidates better than any other firm can so you spend less time interviewing. We also have a strong bench of Technical Project Managers to bring the right framework and processes to your organization.

Staffing Augmentation​​

We scale your teams to the right size and with the right people to help you deliver.

Placement Services

We help you find the right people for the job.

​Managed Service Provider​​

We take care of the staffing and managing of your service so you don't have to -- you're juggling enough!

Scrum, Scrumban and SAFe Implementations

We understand both Agile and DevOps. We know how to make both work in harmony without compromising the integrity of either. We're also well versed with basically every project management tool under the sun, if you need advice and setup guidance.


Improve execution on your projects with our Scrum for DevOps framework. This is ideal for teams that are mostly tasked with project work. Real Scrum (no "lite" descriptors), tuned for DevOps teams.


Achieve balance with your project work against your operational duties with our Scrumban framework. This is ideal for teams that have a mix of both project and operational work. 

Scaled Agile Framework for the enterprise (SAFe)

If you want to take Scrum or Scrumban to the next level and learn how to scale it with multiple teams or your entire organization, this is the framework for you.   

Kanban Process and Tooling Implementations

Just having a board with your team's tasks on it does not a Kanban process make. 


We've spent countless hours across a myriad of projects to come up with a system of processes and workflows that are light-weight, intuitive, reduce stress, and just plain work. What's better, engineers love them because they help them organize and manage their work in a way that actually helps them get stuff done.


Trello, Jira, a wall with post-it notes, or some open sourced free tool you're one of 12 people in the world using. Whatever it is, we're not religious about any particular tool, but we do know how to come to the right decision for a team and implement it quickly. We also know where these tools fall short and which integrations to other tools can help fill the gaps.

Portfolio Management

Yes, you can run Kanban AND have a nice pretty portfolio to show-off. Let us help your team balance getting the work done with showing the work being done with as little friction as possible.

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