"We believe that talent sustains the culture, but culture breeds the talent.  Creating a balanced and sustainable culture is crucial for success." 

About Us

Blue Pisces Consulting Inc. specializes in building and transforming technology organizations because whether you call it DevOps, SRE, Infrastructure, TechOps, SysOps, or some variant of Systems Engineering, that's what's in our DNA. Being from that world, we weren't satisfied with the current state of technical recruitment, with Agile's canned responses to our unique use cases, and with how difficult it is to be strategic just because we may have "Ops" in our titles. We worked tirelessly to find solutions to these problems and we created a business out of it because so many others have the same challenges. 

We understand how much time you spend interviewing to find the right talent, and on tinkering with ways to improve how you manage your projects and operational work. We know what your engineers complain about when it comes to how other teams interact with them, or on the topic of project reporting. We also know how few people in your company knows what DevOps really means. We know what your problems are, and we believe in bringing a balanced approach to solving them.

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